Oct 24: Little Evil

All kids can be a little evil sometimes. In this case, it’s hereditary.


Before Viewing: Pretty much all I know about Little Evil (2017) is that it’s by the same people that made Tucker and Dale vs Evil, which is about all I need to know! That film is up there with Cabin In The Woods, as a recent film that takes the conventions of horror films and turns them on their heads. Now Tucker & Dale is more of a comedy than Cabin, and spoofs the slasher genre of horror films, so I’m expecting similar things from Little Evil, which appears to spoof The Omen, specifically.

Presented below is the Trailer for the film.


After ViewingReleased just a month ago on Netflix, Little Evil is a great homage to classic horror films that doesn’t deny it’s parentage. So many times, comedic jabs at genre films exist on a world where the characters are no smarter than the ones in the original film. This film make use of the conventions of the horror genre, as well as having Gary realize that he’s in a horror film. It makes for some pretty funny sequences.

Lucas isn’t Satan. He’s just a portal to Satan. And good parenting is about keeping that portal shut.” – Gary

Gary has recently married Samantha, whose son Lucas is the spitting image for the bot in The Omen. Gary seems to be the only one that recognizes that this boy is the antichrist, given all the strange occurrences around him, the backwards writing on his ceiling (“How creative,” says his mother) and local doomsday cult predicting his coming. What this film does great is a clever twist on outcome of these types of films, combining a new tactic and clever parenting!

Little Evil is templated as a comedic take on The Omen, with that film getting name-checked along with it’s star Gregory Peck within this film. But it’s also got some great nods (and out right comparisons) to other classic horror films including Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining, Poltergeist, and Ghostbusters. Adam Scott is perfectly cast as the nebbish father that maybe is quite sure he should kill his stepson.

Fans of classic horror films will enjoy this film, but it also can stand on it’s own, even without seeing the films it pokes fun at. If anything, Little Evil may not actually go far enough with some of it’s jokes. They seemed to stop just short of absurdity with several moments, but with the cast they have, I believe they could have pushed it even further.

This film is available to watch exclusively on Netflix.

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